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Permanent Make-up POWDER BROWS Training


Esteetika Ilukool was granted a training licence  6912HTM for the 3D Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting and Eyebrow Shaping Course and adult education teaching licence №1.1-2/14/406 issued by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Private individual can return income tax.

NB! This training is only for experienced masters!

Academic term: 1 day (6 academic hours), 10.00-14.30

Theory: 2 academic hours

 • Overview of Micropigmentation 

• Micropigmentation Powder techniques: eyebrows 

• Procedure steps 

• Health and safety guidance, contraindications 

• Products to use for application 

• Pigments, pigment ranges and color science 

• Client care and homecare advice

Practice part (6 academic hours) We can help you to find models, they will pay for the procedures as well. If you have models, then let us know. 

For the best results we strongly recommend you to take your permanent makeup machine on practical part.

• Shaping eyebrows according to face structure 

• Application process on mannequin head and masks 

• Color choosing 

• Application process on a live model

International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training.

We always reserve the right to change the plan of training, depending on the skills of master and working out possibilities of our program. We will offer you extra time by appointment.

Price of the Training  is 462 EUR (Price includes TAX)

• Price includes training pad